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Year 3

Friday 25th September 2020



L.O: I can odd and even numbers



Recognise odd and even numbers including pictorials and digits.

Identify odd and even numbers by checking if they can be shared equally.

Find the missing odd numbers in a pattern.


To access this activity please click on the PDF link below.



L.O: Use synonyms correctly



Define what a synonym means.

Identify synonyms.

Choose appropriate synonyms for a sentence.


To access the activity please click on the word document link below.

Daily Reading Pack



L.O: To create a leaflet to help someone search for information on the Internet.



Create a leaflet to consolidate my knowledge of effective Internet searching.

Use correct the terminology.

Include accurate explanations of the features and layout of effective searching.



Use Purple Mash 2Publish Plus to create a leaflet about the Internet and to help people search for information. The Internet Leaflets are examples of what you could produce. You have set a 2Publish template to use to create your leaflets. Create your leaflets and refer to what you have previously learnt in the lessons. The finished leaflet can then be printed off and displayed.


To access this activity please click on the hyperlink below:


Thursday 24th September 2020



L.O: I can divide by 2



Apply knowledge of multiplication to the 2 times table using pictorial support.

Solve division problems, using materials, arrays, repeated addition, mental methods, and multiplication and division facts.

Calculate mathematical statements for division and write them using the division (÷) and equals (=) signs


To access the activity please click on the PDF link below.



L.O: To use inverted commas 



Keep inverted commas at the beginning and end of words being spoken.

Begin what is spoken with a capital letter.

Use commas to introduce the quotation and at the end of direct speech if there is no other relevant punctuation there.


To access the activity please clink on the word document link below.


Daily Reading Pack



Lesson 1


L.O: To understand the terminology associated with searching



I can recall the meaning of key Internet terms.

I have completed a quiz about the Internet.


Lesson 2


L.O. To gain a better understanding of searching the Internet



I can identify the basic parts of a web search engine search page.

I have learnt to read a web search results page.

I can search for answers to a quiz on the Internet.


To access these activities please click on the PDF link below and scroll down to pages 11-12 for Lesson 1 – Worksheet 1 – Internet and Search and page 14 for Lesson 2 – Worksheet 1 – Finding out about Dinosaurs.

Wednesday 23rd September 2020



LO: I can make equal groups – grouping



Compare and make​equal groups. 

Explain if a statement is correct using knowledge of making equal groups.

Group objects in different ways to solve a word problem. 


To access the activity please click on the PDF link below.



L.O. Finding out about characters



Read books that are structured in different ways.

Read for a range of purposes.

Infer characters' feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions.


To access the activity please click on the word document link below.

Daily Reading Pack



L.O. Find out what type of homes early people lived in and what materials they were made from



Draw diagrams of stone age homes.

Label the materials used to construct the houses.

Compare and contrast a Stone Age camp and a modern home.


To access the activities please click on the PDF links below.


Read through the information on the Stone Age Homes PowerPoint to help you complete todays tasks.

Tuesday 22nd September 2020


This is the first lesson on Multiplication and Division. 


L.O: I can make equal groups – sharing



Make 2 equal groups by sharing (using knowledge of the 2 times tables).

Calculate how many items could be in 2 equal groups.

Solve problems including division using pictorial representations.


To access the activity please click on the PDF link below.


L.O: To use the prefixes dis- and mis-



Know that the prefix dis- changes a word to mean that someone has done the opposite of that action.

Know that the prefix mis- changes a word to mean that someone has performed that action incorrectly.

Identify words starting with the prefixes -dis and -mis.


To access the activity please click on the word document link below.



L.O: To know what loneliness is and what to do if I feel lonely



Predict when I will feel lonely.

Know ways to help myself when I feel lonely.

Know who to ask if it’s getting tough.


The Big Questions:

When do people feel lonely?

What helps people feel better when they are feeling lonely?


Predict when people may feel lonely. Using the My Loneliness Timeline Activity Sheet below, show the times of day when you feel most lonely so you can then plan for these occasions. Remember everyone feels lonely sometimes.

Find different ways of dealing with lonely times of you day via the Connecting Creatively Activity Sheet below. Then share these solutions with a member of your family. 

Google Classroom 3A link:  

Classroom code: 6qqyy6z

Monday 21st September 2020


Home Learning for Year 3

Good morning everyone!  We hope your weekend was fabulous, and that you were able to enjoy the sunshine...


As we all know, we have to "self-isolate" away from school this week.  This means that you won't be able to come to school this week, and we hope you and all the people you live with will remember to keep safe and follow all the advice we have been given.


This week, we will be looking at different ways to support your learning while you are at home.  We would like everyone to...


  • Read at home every a reading book if you've got one at home with books you have at any comics or newspapers you might have at home...just make sure you try to read, even if it is just for 10 minutes every day!
  • Practice your times tables...5 minutes every day will help you recall your times tables facts in 5 seconds!
  • Choose work from your Year 3 Homework menu, and complete this in your homework book.
  • Work on the three daily tasks that you are given on this school website. 



This week we are working on subtraction and grouping. For today's activities, click on the PDF link. Our LO for today is:


LO: I can subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number, crossing 10.

Monday 21st September 2020 - Maths

L.O. Subtract a 2-digit number from a d-digit number S2S: Subtract 2-digit numbers from 2-digit numbers with an exchange using Base 10. Complete subtraction ...



For today's English activity you will be describing a character. Carefully read the instructions on the sheet.


L.O. To describe a character

Monday 21st September 2020 - English

L.O. To describe a character Use interesting sentence openers Include two adjectives separated by a comma Improve your description with ambitious vocabulary

Purple Mash


If you do not know your login for Purple Mash, please email your teacher, and we will get this for you!


When you open the 2Do, you will find a postcard. You will have to imagine you are an alien visiting the UK.

Write about your experiences. Things you may include:




This page will be updated on Monday 21st September, with content and information relating to home learning for the following week.


Any queries regarding home learning can be directed via email to :


Mr Ahmed


Miss Tredaway


We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.