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Year 2


Our English curriculum is usually taught through in cross curricular Topics. Children will learn a story by heart and use this as a basis to invent their own new version ( based on the schools 'Talk for Writing' strategies) 

Objectives : 

Over the next three weeks children will revisit and develop their writing:- 

To write in full sentences that are correctly punctutaed. 

To identify adjectives, verbs, nouns and punctuation within a simple sentence. 

To learn to sue noun phrases consistently when writing  ( a red ball , the small dog, his brown bag).

To rehearse the sentence that they wish to write before they write it down.

To spell words correctly  - with the support of spelling logs and word banks.

To write narratives based on familiar settings ( home, park, garden).


To form all lower case letters correctly.

To write neatly on the line.

To write letters of the correct size in relation to each other and the lines. 


Over this term children will further develop:

Counting forwards and backwards to 100  - with a particular focus on crossing 10's barriers  ( especially backwards e.g. counting from 63 - 57 , from 84 to 76).

Understanding of the value of each digit in a 2-digit number  e.g. 23 has 2 tens and 3 ones.

Understanding of the value of numbers  - e.g. by ordering a set of 2 digit numbers and placing them in the correct position on an empty number line . e.g. 34     17    13   63   25    ( 0______________100 )

Recall addition and subtraction number facts and bonds to 20 e.g. 2 + 3 = 5,  8 - 3 = 5 , 4 + 6 = 10 , 10 - 2 = 8 , 7 + 8 = 15 , 17 - 9 = 6 

Add and subtract a 1- digit number to and from any 2- digit number (using equipment for support if needed)

Form all digits correctly. 


Tiger's Adventure

Children will learn a story by heart and use this to write theri own versions. They will design and create images to support their learning e.g. puppets, Tiger, setting.


childnre will learn about man made and natural materisl. They will sort materials and learn more about why we use certain materilas in our every day lives. They will compare a range of objects and investigate the materials that theya re made from .They will learn about a Scientisti who developed a material that we use in our every day lives. 

Life in Action 

Childnre will learn about different animals, their life cycle, food chain, habitat and health. 

Religious Education  - Topic - Autumn Term

Leicster agreed syllabus. 

What can stories teach us about life?

To hear a story and learn about what it has to say about life.

To share our thoughts, ideas and opinions about secular life.

Who is a Christian and what do they believe?

To be aware of some of the recorded miracles performed by Jesus and to know why they are important to Believers.

To begin to understand  some of the Christian parables.

To know some parables Jesus taught to spread messages about how they should live their lives.

To reflect on what is meant by the term worship and how Christians worship.