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Welcome to Year 1's Home Learning Page

On this page you will find video links for English, Maths and Phonics which will be updated weekly. 


Purple Mash

Find home learning tasks on the 'TO DO' section in Purple Mash. Click the link below to access Purple Mash.


PE With Joe 2021 | Friday 15th Jan

Banana Banana Meatball - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

It's Friday! Miss Makda and Mrs Handford-Glaze think you should have fun! Patterns made of shapes, patterns made of grapes. Patterns in the air, patterns everywhere. Patterns in an app, pattens in this sing and dance along

Maths Week 2

Try counting forwards and backwards to 20 too!

If you fancy a challenge, count forwards and back to 50!

If you are a counting master, try counting forwards and back to 100! 

Maths Lesson 1

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Maths lesson 2

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Represent numbers 11-20
Lesson 2 resources

Maths Lesson 3

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To show tens and ones

Lesson 4

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One more and one less

One more and one less

Compare groups

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Lesson 5 resources


This week, our story focus is the 'Naughty Bus'. We will look at how to plan and write a short story independently. Please watch the videos daily and use your paper pack to join in with the lessons.

Lesson 1- Shared Reading

Good Morning Year 1! Today, we will be reading a story called, 'Mr Big Goes To The Park'.
Can you say the words- 'said, very, was' in a monster/whisper/grumpy voice?
See if you can spot the words in the story!
What will Mr Big's next adventure be? I wonder...

Lesson 2- Naughty Bus

Listen to the story and answer the questions. Look at the final sentence- 'I am a night bus'. Can you continue the story? What adventures would the night bus have? Perhaps, the night bus likes to knock into street lamps and splash through puddles! Act the part out or write sentences.

Lesson 3

Write sentences to match the picture. Remember to include a capital letter, finger spaces and full stop. See if you can include exciting describing words in your sentence. For example, the naughty bus zoomed through the red, wooden blocks.

Lesson 4

Good Morning! Today, we will plan our short story. What will take place in the beginning, middle and end of the story. Don't forget that your naughty bus needs to be rescued. For example, a bright, red fire engine came to save the day! He saw the naughty scooter and knew what to do.

Lesson 5

Here is my model to help you.
Here is a gift. The gift has a gold, shiny ribbon. It is a scooter. I am a naughty scooter and I am always on the move. I splash through puddles and I knock children over. Uh oh! I have driven straight into a boy riding his bike. Splash! We are both in trouble now. Nee Naw! I can hear a bright, red fire engine coming to rescue us. Hooray! It has blue, flashing lights and big, grey wheels. I wonder what mischief I can get up to now?

Phase 3 Recap

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Good morning! Today we will recap our phase 3 sounds.

Day 2 

Today, we will be learning the 'cl' sound. 
Can you put it in a sentence? 

The funny clown had a colourful, yellow hat.

Day 3

Today, we will be learning the 'ow' sound. It has the same sound as the 'oa' sound.  
Can you put it in a sentence? 

The hat has a bright, yellow bow.

Day 4

Today, we will be learning the 'fl' sound.   
Can you put it in a sentence? 

Can you see my red flag?



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Watch the video to show correct letter formation


This term we are looking at materials. We need to think about what materials are and what uses do they have. Objects are made from materials that suit what the object will be used for. Would you make a teapot out of chocolate? Let's find out! 

Can you find out if your object is made from wood, plastic, metal, fabric, glass, paper, water or rock? Be curious and ask lots of questions. See if you can group together objects that are made out of the same material. 

Materials And Their Properties

Every single object is made of different materials that have observable properties. This video sorts and groups materials based on their properties.

Story Time

In the Deep Dark Woods A Spooky Tale Told By Sandy Gibbons. Sandy Gibbons from Leicester Libraries tells the spooky story 'In The Deep Dark Woods'.

Resources to support parents