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How we teach writing at Fosse

At Fosse we support the development of pupils writing in a variety of ways. See below for links to the curriculum and, coming soon, examples of pupils writing.


Children across the school are really familiar with this term; it stands for 'Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation'.  Vocabulary is self explanatory - we encourage children to expand their vocabulary and teach them appropriate words and phrases for the type of writing they are undertaking. Connectives, also known as conjunctions, are the words and phrases used to connect different sentences, or parts of a sentence, together. Children start by using words like 'and' and 'but' in Reception and Year 1; they progress to more complex words and phrases by Year 6 such as 'moreover' or 'nevertheless'. Openers cover the different ways sentences can be started; for example, in a story a child might start a sentence with 'Standing at the top of the slide, Billy felt his legs shake with terror'. The opener is underlined. Punctuation is also self-explanatory; children start with capital letters and full stops in Reception and Year 1 before progressing to using the full range of punctuation marks such as semi-colons, brackets, dashes and so on by Year 6.

Cross Curricular Writing

We support pupils to write appropriately in every area of the curriculum; for example, pupils may write non-chronological reports when studying Geography or explanations while writing in Science.

Talk for writing

using 'Talk for Writing' children are encouraged to talk about what they will be writing about before they set pencil (or pen) to paper. Children also learn complete texts, for stories in particular, that they then are able to recite aloud. This helps children understand the structure and content of a range of different texts which then helps them to write their own with increased confidence. Every term we hold a 'Storytelling' assembly where children from each year group recite what they have learned to the rest of the school.