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Writing intent and implement statement.


Our aim at Fosse is for every child within our school to be able to communicate effectively and leave our school being a competent writer. The writing curriculum at Fosse is designed so that our children make links with knowledge in other subject areas. Our pupils are also immersed in a variety of different text types providing them with opportunities to understand the features, audience and purpose of these. The content of each unit of work is designed around the needs of the children and ensures that relevant grammar and spelling are taught alongside. Ultimately, we want our children to understand who their audience is, what the purpose of the writing is and enjoy communicating these with confidence.


At Fosse we use a thematic approach to teaching Writing. This means that each unit of work has a high-quality novel or picture book at its centre, from which all written outcomes originate. The texts selected link to our foundation subjects so that our children can use their skills and knowledge in other subjects to enhance their writing. The texts chosen are appropriate for individual year groups and provide a wide range of audiences and purposes for the written outcomes. The planning process for these units begins by “Boxing it up”: this is an overview of the entire unit. The length of a unit is dependent upon the needs of the children and all units are informed by on-going assessments. The work completed throughout the unit builds up the skills and knowledge that are required to write that particular genre, thereby ensuring progress across a unit of work. This also includes the relevant aspects of grammar knowledge that will be needed and potential spellings from National Curriculum spelling lists. The children are exposed to a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) at the start of the unit so that they are able to identify what it is they should be working towards. There are also opportunities to develop vocabulary, plan what they want to write as well as editing sessions. This method of working ensures that there is a broad range of genres covered as well as audiences.