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Week 3

Tuesday 19th January 2021


L.O. To understand the Battle of Bosworth

Choose one of the following 3 activities:

Let's watch a reenactment of the battle!

The Battle of Bosworth took place on August 22nd 1485 ; King Richard III was the last English king to fight in battle and was slain, with victory going to He...

Can you list what you can see, hear, what you may smell and how you would be feeling if it was YOU in the battle! Imagine that YOU are King Richard or Henry!

Create a poster of what you have learnt about the Battle of Bosworth.

Your poster should include:


1. When did the Battle of Bosworth happen?

2. Who was involved in the Battle of Bosworth?

3. Why did the battle happen?

4. Who won the battle?


Your poster MUST be colourful and include a picture!

Read the research sheets and answer the 2 star comprehension questions