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Understanding the world (do this one first!)

Down on the farm the animals and farmers are busy getting ready for a new farm year. Winter is over and Spring is here! You can get ready for the new farm year too with these Understanding the world tasks!


Here is a list of words that you might need to understand what is happening on the farm. Learn the words and meanings. See if you can find some photos of the words on the internet!


cow  pig chicken
sheep  egg straw 
hay barn gate
farmer tractor pond
grow dig


small big soft
dirty woolly feathered


Have a look at these PowerPoints if you have Microsoft PowerPoint. They should tell you all about the farm! (sometimes PowerPoint doesn't have the right font and will tell you. Just click ok and the PowerPoint will still download)

Speak to your children about where we get food from. They may know that you go to the shops to buy food but you could ask them where the shops like Aldi, Lidl or Tesco get that food? You could talk about how farmers grow food for the shops.

Here is a worksheet to help you and your child learn which food comes from which source. 

If you would like to have a go at farming for yourself, why not try the BBC game A Year On Your Farm. It is an interactive game which lets the children choose crops and animals for their very own farm.