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What a plant needs!

Last week we looked at the parts of a plant. Hopefully, everybody made or found their own plant and was able to point to some of the features such as leaves, roots, petals, stem etc. This week we will be looking at what a plant needs so it can grow. 

Here are a few new words for you to search up of Google images









One of the ways we can find out what plants need to grow is to look at them growing step by step. This is called a 'Life Cycle'. Have a look at this PowerPoint to see what plants need. See if you can find three things that a plant needs to grow. 

Watch this awesome video that will show you a sunflower growing!

Sunflower Seeds Growing.avi

Still image for this video
/Users/carlasmith/Downloads/T-T-5220-Sunflower-Life-Cycle-Powerpoint-V/Sunflower Seeds Growing.avi

If you would like to do your own experiment you can plant your own seeds and remember to give them the three things they need to grow. If you don't have any seeds just pop a tomato (or just the seeds) into the soil instead. You can follow the PDF below if you need help. 

*Home Learning Challenge*

Take photos of you planting your seeds and keep taking photos every week until you get a seedling!