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Understanding the World

Winter is a wonderful time of year when the world is often transformed into a glittering land of frost and ice. The change of season is very obvious in winter; the bare trees, the dark days and the bitter cold. 

Let us explore winter with activities which will help us understand what is happening to our world. 


First we need to know some of the vocabulary to help us describe what is happening. Search the words up on the internet with a grown-up to find out what they mean. See if you can remember any of the words by telling them to a grown-up.



Snow   Ice       Frost
Wind Cold     Darkness
White Frozen Evergreen


Take a look at these two PowerPoints about Winter. They will show you what ways Winter changes the world and how to spot the signs of Winter. Talk to your grown-ups about what you can see in the PowerPoints and what you remember about Winter. 

Go on a winter walk with your grown-ups. Take photos of the wintery objects you see. This could be frost on a tree or flower. It could be your warm breath in the cold air. Notice that you need to wear a warm coat and maybe even a hat, scarf and gloves. The weather changes in the Winter. When you are outside, you might be lucky enough to spot some signs of winter or even some snow! Use the sheets below to remember what you need to look out for. I would like to see your photos so send some to:

Birds can find winter hard. The ground is frozen and the trees and bushes have lost their fruit. Help the birds by feeding them. Bird love seeds and fat. Did you know that you should not feed birds bread? Most people think that birds, like ducks, should eat bread but it is actually really bad for them! All birds love seeds and some, such as robins, will eat dried worms! To help you feed the birds have a look at these handy bird feeder recipes. 

After you have made your bird feeder, wait a few days and then watch which birds come to eat. Do you know the names of any of the birds? If you don't use the garden bird checklist below to help you. Tick off the names of the birds you have seen in your garden or yard. 

Have you ever seen ice candle holders? They are so beautiful and magical. Watch this video and try to help a grown-up with this frosty task. You can find all the objects you need in your local park. Only take what you need from the wild and be careful if you are handling berries and make sure you wash you hands afterwards. 

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