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Understanding the World

What is Autumn? What can we see? Hear? Smell? Find out about the words below by Googling them and looking at images. Talk about each one with your child.


  • leaves
  • pine cones
  • conkers
  • acorns 
  • apples
  • squirrels
  • hedgehogs
  • owls

Take a look at this Autumn PowerPoint. Talk about each slide with your child and see what you can both spot. 

Go on an Autumn walk. Here is an Autumn Hunt checklist. Can you find all the objects on the list? 

Take a closer look at an apple. cut into the apple and talk about the different parts. Can you see the skin? The flesh? The seeds? The stalk? Have a taste test and talk about the flavour of the apple. Does it taste sweet? Sour? Bitter? 

Can your child sort leaves into different colours? Sizes? Shapes? Collect some leaves on an Autumn walk. Try to sort them in as many different ways as possible.