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Easter is a Christian religious festival that celebrates the life and death of Jesus and, Easter is also a special time of year when we see new life all around us. As Easter approaches we start to see the first real signs of Spring: new buds on the trees, flowers and seedlings are starting to grow, the weather is becoming warmer and babies are being born on the farm. Some people celebrate Easter by going to church and some people celebrate by having an Easter egg hunt! 


Here are some Easter words you can search for on the internet. Find the meanings and pictures to go along with the words. 

Egg Jesus Bud
Seedling Lamb Chick
Hunt Daffodil Blossom


Here is a PowerPoint that shows you some of the signs of new life that happen around this time of year. 


Easter is a great time of year to practise your baking skills. Have a go at some of these simple and delicious recipes.
Try this simple biscuit recipe
If you fancy adding a bit of chocolate, why not try this 'Easter nest' recipe
If you would like a bit more of a challenge try making some Hot Cross Buns from the BBC good food website. Medium difficulty.