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Internet Safety Day &TT Rock Stars Tuesday 9th February

Safer Internet Day for F1 & F2

Today is Safer Internet Day. Mrs Turner introduces today's learning and activities.

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day. 

The theme of the day this year is...

'an internet we can trust.'


Even children as young as ours need to understand how to keep themselves safe on the internet.

We have already covered some aspects of this in class before Christmas, with a character called 'Smartie the Penguin.'

Today we are going to focus on how to keep safe when watching videos and how we cannot always trust a video just because it looks safe at first.

The 'Jessie and Friends' materials have been designed specifically for 4-5 year olds.


Watch the below video with your child and talk about what Jessie does and what happens.


Use the following questions to help:

  • How did Jessie feel when she is watched 'The Funny Tummy Song' video?
  • How did Jessies feel when she watched 'The Happy Croccy' video?
  • What did Jessie do to make her feel better? 


Jessie & Friends Ep 1 Watching Videos (4-5 years)

Videos produced by the ThinkUKnow safety campaign in conjunction with CEOP and the NCA. Storybooks to help you keep the conversation going can be downloaded ...

Activity Time 1

Children learn well through songs with actions.

We would like the children to learn the chorus to 'The Funny Tummy Song' with the actions.

The song words and actions can be found in the pictures below.

Play the song in the video again and help your child to learn the actions by joining in with them.

We would love to se a photo or short video of them joining in. Please email these to Mrs Smith.