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The Holocaust

Mr H talks you through some of the history behind the Holocaust.

Martin's story: Childhood experiences of a Holocaust survivor | BBC Teach

Martin Kapel, a survivor of the Nazi Polenaktion in October 1938 ("Poland Action"), relates his childhood that included expulsion, escape and bombing. 17,000...

Arek's story: Survival in Auschwitz-Birkenau | BBC Teach

Arek Hersh recounts his experience as a prisoner, at the age of only 14, in the notorious death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.When he arrived, at the concentrat...

Rationing - Mr H's WW2 kitchen!

PowerPoint Slide Show Lesson Presentation Evacuation

This is for Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th January

Please look at the PowerPoint and then use the resources to complete the suitcase activity and then write a letter as an evacuee. 

This work must be handed in by Friday 15th January through Purple Mash.

This is the first lesson on our new topic WW2.

L.O To understand the outbreak of WW2

  • Use the KWL grid to show what you already know about WW2 and what you would like to find out.
  • Have a look a the Powerpoint 
  • Complete the World map to show Allied and Axis forces (You will know what this means after looking at the Powerpoint!)