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STEM Thursdays!

STEM Thursdays!


But, what is STEM?

STEM stands for, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical learning! STEM learning provides you with the creative skills and problem solving skills which you may need throughout your life!


Every Thursday you will have access to a STEM enriched learning video and a few activities to go with it. Each STEM video will either link to your current learning in Science, which is Space, or we will take a look back at the other areas within Science that we have covered so far this year, such as Animals including Humans and Forces. It is important to reflect and build on your past learning. So, keep your eyes peeled, and lets get ready for some experimental learning! 

Intriguing Ice

Linking to our new unit of work in Science, why not watch this video which investigates ice? Have a go at freezing different liquids at home. What is different about these liquids before you freeze them, and what is different after you freeze them?

Space Rocket DT


Why not have a go at making your own space rocket using everyday materials you have at home? Follow these step-by-step instructions to make your own!



1. Measure how far your rocket travels. Can you make it travel further? How?

2. Fire your rocket at different angles. What happens to the flight of your rocket?

3. Film your rocket in flight and send it to your teachers!

What affects your heart rate?


Your heart is a pump which pushes blood around your body. Blood containing oxygen and glucose is pushed to all the cells in your body where it is used to keep you moving and growing. Your heart rate can be measured by taking your pulse, which is the push of the blood moving in your arteries. Heart rate is measured in beats per minute, (bpm). Do you think exercise will make your heart beat faster or slower?


Watch the videos below which show you how to take your pulse, and different types of exercises which will increase your heart rate!


Afterwards, complete the table below to show how exercise affects your heart rate!


For this investigation, you will need to wear a P.E. kit and trainers. You will need a stop watch to measure how many beats your heart makes per minute. Make sure you have water at hand, too!


We Wonder: Mission to Mars


Lift off 2021 with this fascinating and creative STEM reading challenge run in partnership with Turner & Townsend. Engage students by testing their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and maths with a fun quiz and then task them with designing a survival home on planet Mars.


For further information about your task, please watch the video and then read some of the books on this website!

Our Digestive System


Today, you will be looking back at how our bodies digestive system works. You will be finding out about the different nutrients and the effects that these have on our bodies. You will have the opportunity to create your own model to investigate how our digestive system works. Finally, you will research the dietary needs of a chosen person, such as an astronaut, gladiator or explorer. You will use your learning from today, as well as your learning from Y4 to design a meal that will give your chosen person the best diet, with all the nutrients they will need to survive!