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Shared Reading Years 2-6

Years 2- 6

In Years 2-6 we teach reading using the “comprehension jigsaw”. The reading strategy selected to teach is specific and matched to the next steps in children’s reading learning. We use The Parks Progression Statements to assess the reading of our children and identify the next steps. These provide clear statements for both decoding and comprehension strategies for each year group and are used to select the specific strategy you need to teach. There is a set structure for the lesson, which lasts approximately 20 minutes and can easily be incorporated into an English unit, especially at the start of English units where the children are exploring the text. Only 1 element of the "comprehension jigsaw" is taught in a lesson. There is no hierarchy of these strategies but it is recommended that the initial focus is on those which relate to decoding earlier on in the year (e.g. understand grammar, understand vocabulary) and then move onto more difficult concepts later.

Comprehension Jigsaw