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Shared Reading KS1

Shared reading is the explicit teaching of reading strategies in order to develop the reading skills needed to comprehend a text. Within the lesson the teacher models and demonstrates the thought processes, decision making and strategies used by “good readers”. At Fosse, shared reading is taught daily in F1 and twice a week in F2 and Year 1 using the KTC approach.

Each lesson lasts roughly 20 minutes and focuses on the explicit teaching of reading strategies. The texts used are chosen carefully to enable correct teacher modelling of the strategy, they are also suitably challenging for the pupils as they are pitched at a level slightly above where the majority of the children currently are.

The lesson is planned using a specific shared reading planning proforma (differentiated depending on year group). Children are sat in mixed ability groups or pairs and contribute to the lesson by practicing and then applying the skills taught by the teacher.


EYFS and Year 1

In EYFS and Year 1, the focus is on teaching print concepts and beginning to develop children’s understanding of the text that they have read.

For EYFS and Year 1 we teach:

  1. Front of book, back of book
  2. Book the correct way up
  3. Where to start
  4. Identify the difference between print and illustration
  5. Which way to go (L to R) pages as well as print
  6. Return sweep
  7. One to one matching by using my reading finger
  8. A letter and a word
  9. Punctuation (full stop, exclamation mark, question mark, commas in lists, apostrophes for contraction, inverted commas – NOT speech marks)
  10. Capital/ lower case letters
  11. Letters/ sound links
  12. High frequency words