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Welcome to F2


Good morning F2 and your families!


We hope that you are enjoying your summer holidays so far even with the city still in lockdown. 


We have been astounded by the numbers of views there have been on our phonics videos even since school officially finished for the summer. The videos will be there all through the holidays if you want to use them. The Year 1 teachers will be so impressed when we tell them! 


Hopefully you have all received your child's end of year report and new teacher information. Please remember to complete the 'All About Me' booklet and return it to school in the week beginning Monday August 24th. There will be a box outside where you can drop it in.


Enjoy the rest of the holidays!


Take care of yourselves and see you after the summer!!

Miss Trivett, Mrs Grout & Mrs Turner


F2 Home Learning


The nature of how we learn in the Foundation Stage means that much of our learning is practical and play based. This will be reflected in the ideas and activities that we will be providing for home learning. We will do our best to provide ideas and activities that can be carried out with materials and things you can easily find at home. 

We will provide some ideas and activities that you can choose from to carry out on a daily basis in order to practise learning and skills that we have taught in school. We will also be providing a weekly sheet of ideas and activities that will be based on what we would have been teaching over the coming weeks. 

Please check in here every week for the latest updates.



Phonics Time

Click on the Phonics section of our class page to find and watch a daily Phonics session. This week we are learning our next 2 sounds. Each day we will add the next session link.

Who is ready for some super phonics?


 F2GT Photo Gallery

Week beginning: 6th July

Please email photos of the activities you have been doing. We'd love to see them. smiley





F2T Photo Gallery

Week Beginning 6th July 2020





Well done to these members of F2GT for going on Bug Club so far this week (starting from 4th July)...


Miguel, Mahveen, Maria. Elliott and Leo




Well done to these members of F2T for doing some Bug Club reading so far this summer holiday (starting from 13th July)......


David, Jasraj, Durga, Safiya, Caris, Jessica, Sophia, Evija & Satyaki!

 Make sure you read a new book and complete the quizzes to show that you have read. I have given out new books, so everyone has at least 5 new books for this next part of the holidays. 

smiley Good job all of you for keeping up your reading! yes


Remember to complete the quizzes as you read so we can see how you are getting on with each book. Until you finish all the quizzes the book won't show as being read and finished.

To complete a quiz, click on the little picture of the 'bug' when you see it on a page.

Remember to re-read the books you have got in your Library.

Re-reading helps to improve our reading fluency.


Well done to these children in F2GT for using Flash Academy so far this week (starting 4th July)…




Please ask if you need help, we are learning as well! smiley



Well done to these members of F2T for going onto Flash Academy so far this week (starting from 6th July)......


Durga, Dania, Jasraj, David, Patrick and Satyaki!

Dania, Jakub and Jasraj have completed the 'oo, oo, oa, ai, igh' Phonics lesson challenge!

Dania, Jasraj, Safiya, Sophia, Aaliyah and Jakub have completed the 'ar, or, ur, ow' Phonics lesson challenge!

Dania, Jakub, Jasraj, Safiya, Aaliyah and Sophia have completed the 'he, she, we, me' lesson challenge!

Safiya, Durga, Dania, Jasraj, Sophia, Jakub and Aaliyah have completed the 'the, to, and, no, go, I' lesson challenge!

Durga, Dania, Sophia, Jakub, Jasraj, Aaliyah and Safiya have completed the 'ee, ch, sh, th, ng' Phonics lesson challenge!

Durga, Jasraj, Sophia, Jakub, Patrick, Aaliyah, Dania and Safiya have completed the 'y, z, zz, qu' Phonics lesson challenge!

Patrick, Safiya, Durga Sophia, Jasraj, Satyaki, Jakub, Aaliyah, Dania, and Jessica have completed the 'j, v, w, x' Phonics lesson challenge!

Nathan, Safiya, Dania, Durga, Patrick, Sophia, Jasraj, Jakub, Satyaki, Jessica and Aaliyah have completed the 'h, b, f, l, ff, ll, ss' Phonics lesson challenge!

Safiya, Jakub, Sophia, Evija, Dania, Durga, Satyaki, Nathan, Patrick, Jasraj, Jessica, Aaliyah and David have completed the 'ck, e, u, r' Phonics lesson challenge!

Dania, David, Safiya, Sophia, Satyaki, Durga, Jasraj, Nathan, Aaliyah have completed the Games challenge!

Safiya, Sophia, Evija, Satyaki, Jakub, Dania, Durga, Patrick, Jasraj, Jessica, Nathan, Kai, Aaliyah, Amalia and David have completed the 'g, o, c, k' Phonics lesson challenge!

Nathan, Dania, Evija, Safiya, Satyaki, Sophia, Jakub, Durga, Patrick, Jasraj, Jessica, Kai, Aaliyah, Amalia and David have completed the 'i, n, m, d' Phonics lesson challenge!

Sophia, David, Nathan, Dania, Evija, Safiya, Satyaki, Jakub, Durga, Patrick, Jasraj, Jessica, Kai, Aaliyah and Amalia have completed the 's, a, t, p' Phonics lesson challenge.


 Good job all of you! 


Remember to log-in and see what your assignments are and complete them by the deadline day. A new lesson challenge has been set looking at the sounds 'oo, oo, oa, ai, igh.' Log in and have a go!


Hand Washing


Do you remember how to wash your hands the way the scientists from De Montfort University taught us to? Click on the link and scroll down the page, to listen to the song.




Click on the link below to take you to the games page.





F2GT Photo Gallery


Lots of children across the country are drawing pictures of rainbows and sunshines and putting them in their windows to cheer everyone up.

If you'd like to join in, email a photo and I will put it on the website



F2T Photo Gallery

This is where you will find photos from previous weeks.


Useful information

PE is on Tuesdays - Please bring PE kit in a named bag. Make sure all clothing and shoes are named. Earrings need to be removed on PE days.


Library Day is Friday. Please put the library book in your child's bag on a Thursday so we can sort the books ready for the next day.



Image result for royal blue book bag


Water bottles - Please send a named water bottle to school each day. There is a tray in the classroom where these can be stored.


Lunches - Packed lunches need to be healthy and packed in a named lunch box. There is a shelf in the cloakroom where these are stored. Most recent school dinner menus have been sent home. Please ask if you need another copy. Staff help the children to select their lunch on the interactive whiteboard each morning.


What are we learning?


Supporting learning at home


Phonics practice

Each week we learn 4 new sounds in class. We send home a sheet so that you are aware what is being taught in class each week. Please use the ideas in this sheet to support your child at home.

If you ever misplace one of the weekly sheets, please find a copy in this section of our year group web page. 


Phonics Home Learning

Please find below all the phonics home learning sheets we have sent home this year.

These detail the letter sounds that have been learnt and the correct letter formation for handwriting. They also contain ideas for practising reading and writing simple words.

At this point in the term the children have learnt all the sounds represented by all the letters of the alphabet plus 4 consonant digraphs.

We will be moving onto learning the next set of sounds in the Summer Term and as we learn each new set we will again send home a sheet that you can use to support your child at home.


Photo Gallery


Our Easter egg designs!

Phonics Time Friday 26th June