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Reception (F2)

Welcome to Reception (F2)


Welcome to our Reception year group web page. 

We will use this page as a way of keeping in touch with parents and letting you know about the wonderful learning we are doing in school.

Information that is relevant to all Reception children and their families will be found on the year group page.

Each class will also have their own page where you will find photos and information for that class. You can find these by clicking on the correct star below.


Useful information

What can my child bring to school?


A water bottle - this needs to be clean and filled with water only. Please make sure your child's name is on the bottle.

Outdoor clothes - your child can bring appropriate outdoor wear for the weather. We play outside in all but the worst weather. Please make sure all clothes have your child's name in them.

Lunch bag - You may choose to send a packed lunch for your child. Please ensure this is a healthy lunch and that the bag has your child's name on the outside.


Please do not send - rucksacks, book bags or PE kits.

Phonics reading books

We have started sending phonic reading books home with the children. These are books that we expect the children to read to an adult to practise their phonics skills. The children need to read their book every day. Re-reading a book is an important part of developing good reading ability.

The children also have a 'Reading Miles' card. You need to fill in the card each time your child reads a book to an adult or an older sibling. When your child reads on Bug Club, this book can also be added into the reading miles card.

Each child is given 1 book a week to bring home and read to you.

The book chosen for your child will match the level they are working at in Phonics in class.

Children will be given their new book on Mondays.

Please return the book & your child's reading miles cards on Fridays.

We must have the reading miles card returned with the book, so we know who has returned their book.

Books must be returned on the correct day so we can ensure that they are then quarantined for the appropriate length of time before being used again.

If a book gets lost, please let us know.


Examples of phonics home reading books

Library books

We have started our class library.

Each child can choose 1 book a week to bring home and share with you. Children will choose their new book on Tuesdays.

Please return books on Mondays. Place the book in the class box in the morning. We will mark on a list who has returned their book.

We need books returned on the correct day so we can ensure that they are then quarantined for the appropriate length of time before being used again.

Children will only be able to have 1 book from the library at a time. If a book is not returned on the Monday, then your child will not be able to choose another.

If a book gets lost, please let us know. We will need to charge a small fee so that we can replace lost books and keep the library running.



Our PE sessions are on Tuesdays.

Please send your child to school wearing their PE kit on Tuesdays with their PE shoes in a separate bag.


Children need to wear:

Joggers or tracksuit bottoms or leggings (shorts would be appropriate on warmer days)

A plain T-shirt

A jumper or hoody (for warmth)

Bring in a bag - Trainers (Velcro fastenings help your child to be independent) or Plimsolls


We would prefer children to wear dark coloured joggers / leggings (eg: black, navy or grey) but if you have not been able to buy these yet, any colour will be acceptable at the moment. Please make sure there are no large brands / logos on any item of you child's PE kit.


What are we learning?

In Reception we follow the EYFS curriculum and use the 'Development Matters' statements across all 7 areas of learning to guide the next steps we teach to your children.

Each term we consider where the children are in their development and decide on the broad areas that we will focus on. We then plan the teaching and learning that happens on a daily and weekly basis to support the children to make progress.

Please find below the curriculum overviews for each term.


Supporting your child's learning and development

There are lots of ways that you can support your child at home with their learning and development. As we move through the school year we will add relevant information for different aspects of learning, such as phonics, as it is taught in class.


Please click on the picture icons below to take you to different pages where you can find ideas on how you can help your child at home with different aspects of their learning alongside the teaching and learning we do in school.


Learning at home

Following the announcement of a new lockdown, school will be closed to most pupils from Tuesday 5th January 2021.

Our learning will be online until further notice. Please click the below link (the star) to go to our 'Home Learning' sub-page.


**Only children classed as vulnerable or children of key workers can attend school. Please contact the school office if either parent is a key worker and you require a place in our provision for your child. Families of vulnerable children will be contacted by school.**


If you need any support with learning activities whilst your child is at home, please email your child's class teacher. Teachers will be available between 9am and 3pm.


F2T - Mrs Turner -

F2GT - Miss Trivett (Mon - Wed) -

F2GT - Mrs Grout (Thu & Fri) -


World Nursery Rhyme Week 2020

We are celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week in class next week.

Officially this was celebrated across the world from 16th - 20th November, but we have chosen to celebrate next week (from Monday 23rd November).

Each year 5 rhymes are chosen as the focus of the week.

We have chosen to keep one of last year's rhymes as our focus:

Down in the Jungle.

This rhyme will help with our early phonics skills and will also help us to learn and talk about different animals.

We will be singing nursery rhymes we already know well and learning some new rhymes as well.

Please see the photos below for some of the rhymes we will be learning and singing and for some of the reasons why nursery rhymes are so important for your child's learning and development.

Ask your child each day, which rhymes they have sung today and sing them together at home. There are lots of different versions of rhymes on YouTube that you can access.

You can also find some resources on the World Nursery Rhyme Week website (please click the link below).

We have also provided a range of links to websites full of nursery rhyme lyrics and videos that you can share together below.

Happy singing everyone!