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Everybody's Reading - Reading 'Flash Mob' before school

Reading at Fosse


At Fosse Primary School we aim to foster a love and a passion for books and reading alike from the very first day your child starts with us. We create a reading culture that starts with reading and sharing books and texts for pleasure, and this love of book then permeates through the rest of your child’s time at school. Our ultimate aim is, that by the time children leave us, they are fluent readers who have a lifelong love for reading!


We encourage you to listen to your child read everyday. All children are expected to take their reading books home daily and return them the following day for use in class. We have recently spent a large sum of money upgrading the books available for Years 5 and 6 - so be on the look out for some new titles! 


A wide range of reading books are sent home depending on the year group your child is in, ranging from phonetically decodable books (Reception and KS1), 'Project X' stories (Years 3 and 4) and 'Star Reader' texts by a range of authors (Years 5 and 6). Similar to the guided reading sets, these books are all leveled and will match your child’s ability. They start with books that have no words, to develop good reading behaviours, and progress to complex fiction and non-fiction. 

'Books and Bagels' Family Learning Breakfast