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Here are some stories and resources that might help your child to return to school. These resources explore many different aspects of school - emotions, making new friends, the school day etc. By exploring these resources many times, your children may understand more about what will happen. I advise you to look at these resources beforehand so you know what the content is and can prepare for your child to ask questions. 

The story below talks about the how children might have experienced lock down and how they might be feeling when they go back to school. You may want to read this story a few times closer to September. 

The PowerPoint below talks about what may have changed when the children eventually go back to school. You may wish to show the children this PowerPoint a few times before September. 

The story below is about being friends with different people. It is about individuality and friendship. 

Below is a link to snail stories on YouTube. This includes a reading of the wonderful Julia Donaldson story 'The Snail and the Whale'.