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Here are some fantastic photos from parents of their children doing Home Learning. I want to say a huge thank you to all parents! You are doing a great job!

Welcome to the Fosse Primary School Nursery

Here are some photos of the nursery 

Some of the children on their first day

The children investigated apples during Apple Week. They discovered the features of apples, how they smell and taste. The children investigated different types of apples and were encouraged to look closer at the different parts of an apple. We linked the topic to the non fiction text 'Fruit'.  

During our Owl topic the children explored mixed media to create and recreate owls. We used playdough, paint, feathers and paper. The children learned about the features of owls, such as beak, wings, eyes, claws. We looked at photographs and videos of owls and explored resources associated with owls, such as feathers, sticks, grasses. Our book for this topic was 'Owl Babies' and we talked a lot about missing our families and knowing our parents come back to get us. 

For Rocks Week we investigated rocks and stones of all different shapes and sizes. The children used rocks and stones to build and balance, to weigh, to count and mark make with. Our text for this topic was Andy Goldsworthy's 'Stone'. We looked closely at the landscape art in the book and recreated some parts. The children painted stones, covered stones in 'leaves' and created landscape art. 

Here are some photos of the children interacting with each other and sharing resources and knowledge.

Photos of some maths the children experienced in the continuous provision.