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KTC Phonics 

At Fosse in EYFS and KS1 we use the KTC approach to teaching phonics. This is a whole class, daily approach, with the children sitting in differentiated rows. All lessons follow the same structure and are pacey. The children are taught a variety of decoding strategies to help them read unknown words. These strategies are then built upon in Shared Reading lessons.  For more detailed information about how  we teach KTC phonics, please speak to Mrs Garton (KTC lead).


Phonics assessment

Every child receives a Phonics Passport in F1 – this then accompanies them throughout their phonics learning journey and is passed on to their new teacher each year until they complete the phonics program. The passport itself is split into each of the Phases and allows assessment and tracking for each individual. There are accompanying gaps analysis grids which are then completed using the information to ascertain which sounds are not yet secure (we work on 85% of children knowing a sound). This information is then used to ascertain which sounds need to be revised before moving on to the next phase. Phonics assessments can be completed at any time but this information is requested formally during assessment weeks and at Pupil Progress Meetings.