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Today we are learning about rhyme. A rhyme is a word that sounds the same as another word at the end. 

Say these rhyming words with a grown-up.

  • bin    pin

  • phone    bone

  • cap    map

  • book     cook

  • mug     rug


Not all rhyming words make sense. Say these silly rhyming words with your grown-up.

  • dondle   bondle

  • boff     poff

  • bappy    fappy


Aren't they funny! Did you notice that the words sounded the same at the end? Like with bin and pin, the sound at the end is 'in'!


Phonics rhyming rabbit

Mrs Smith and Rhyming rabbit play a yummy rhyming game

Phonics Linked Activity


Listen carefully to the words in this list. Can you find the one that doesn't rhyme with the others? It will be the one that doesn't sound the same at the end.

  • tree

  • bee

  • pin

  • three