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Personal Fitness

At Fosse we encourage a broad understanding of  our students " whole self " One of the ways we have developed  this is through a personal fitness programme. In the first instance students  undertake a fitness tests. The fitness tests are age related but are differentiated by levels. The programme is simplified in Key stage 1 although the weekly activities are the same across both Key stages


Key Stage 2 -  Week 1 estimate and record fitness levels. Undertake a modified bleep test, record actual fitness level and then predict their fitness levels at week 6. All Key stage 2 students have a booklet so that they can  record their weekly results and other data.

Week 2-5 . There are 5 different activity stations with different skill facts, skipping, hurdles, star jumps, step ups and shuttle runs. Time increases weekly with week 2 at  1 minute and 30 seconds (Yr 5/6) ,1 minute Yr 3/4.  This will increases by 30 seconds every week. In week 5 students will then repeat week 2 (1 minute / 1.30 seconds) and they should feel a difference in their fitness as well as being able to compare the data from week 2- 5 and record an increase in activity.

During the programme students are encouraged to consider the impact of other factors on their fitness. Factors such as sleep,  illness/injury, diet (what and when they eat), hydration (what and when they drink), activity, mental health and well being. The questions in their booklet will encourage them to address any issues in order to help them improve their general fitness and well being.

Week 6 is a repeat of the fitness test with students encouraged to increase their fitness by at least 1 level. After the fitness test students evaluate the programme and discuss the results.

This programme is designed to give our students a good understanding of how they can improve their own personal fitness. Its designed, as with all our physical activity programmes to encourage our students to be the best that they can be and give them the tools to break down barriers to a healthy lifestyle. This is taught as a life long learning programme.