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Virtual skipping challenge


KS2 Challenge

How many two footed jumps can you do with a skipping rope in 30 seconds?


- Each individual will need a skipping rope

- Stopwatch

- Pen/paper to record score


Challenge: -How many two footed jumps can you do in 30 seconds with a skipping rope?

- Make sure there is plenty of space to complete this challenge Adaptation:

- If you do not have a skipping rope then you can perform the Speed Bounce.

- You will need a soft object to put on the floor for example a shoe.

- The idea is to jump over the object starting with two feet and landing on two feet. How many can you do in 30 seconds?


Adaptation for all students with lower limb limitations - Hold the skipping rope out to the side and turn the skipping rope. Call out how many times the rope hits the floor in 20 seconds


Advanced challenge - extra points for your school Can you come up with your own skipping routine. Make sure you send it to your teachers as you could earn extra points for your school!