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Our Work!

Our Work!


This week in Miss Cartwright's Maths group, we have been comparing amounts of money using notes and coins. Younes has carefully counted the money in each box and worked out which amount is the greatest. Good work, Younes! smiley

Younes, 5B


This week, we have been learning all about money! We have reflected on past learning to recognise money in pence, pounds and notes. We have added values of money, and have selected appropriate money for problem solving activities!


Daisy (5L) and Dora (5B) have had a fabulous week learning in school. Here, you can see that they can correctly identify pence, pounds and notes. They can use part-whole models to add different values, as well as self-assessing to check and correct their own calculations! What super stars! Keep up the good work, Daisy and Dora! laugh

Daisy, 5L

Dora, 5B