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What have we been learning?

Life on Mars


This week, we were set the challenge to investigate life on Mars! We conducted our own study to identify what a human would require if they were to move onto the planet Mars. We spent a lot of time reading different books on Mars and Space, as well as using the internet for further research. From here, we used our new knowledge to create a village which thrived in life on Mars!


Harry, from 5L, loved this activity! His studies and research concluded that a farming village would work best. He understood the importance of farming to produce humans with fruit, vegetables, dairy products and meat. He identified eco-friendly ways to build on the planet. He decided that Solar Panels were an eco-friendly way of producing electricity to his village as this limited the amount of green-house gases polluting the planet. Well done, Harry! This is fabulous STEM thinking! yes

Harry, 5L

What have we been learning?

The Digestive System


Today, we looked at the digestive system and healthy diets! Ben, in 5L, decided to do a case study on a footballer's diet and what they require in order to keep fit and aid them in their fitness journey. Ben reflected on his previous learning within Science, when learning about healthy diets and the digestive system in the unit, Animals including Humans in years 3 and 4. He used fabulous scientific vocabulary to identify the food groups needed within a footballer's diet. Well done, Ben! We are so impressed. From your teachers in Year 5 yes

Ben, 5L