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During the second half of the Autumn term the students will be developing the skills needed to play Netball.

In primary PE we a  teach a modified game of Netball called High 5 to the Years 5 and 6, 1st Steps in Years 3 and 4, zoned Hoop ball in Year 2 and Hoop ball in  Year 1. The students will develop the skills needed for throwing and catching through a variety  of ball skill activities. Theses are designed to improve their ball handling skills, hand eye coordination and cognitive skills, this will  enable them to play  a variety of ball games.  All students will participate in an Intra school house  "Netball" competition at the end of the term.

The High 5 learning wall is designed to help students learn the game. The positions are velcroed on, allowing them to be moved, helping students to understanding areas and positioning.