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This week, during the Easter Holidays, you could learn about the difference between big and little objects. 

What this PowerPoint, which helps you to understand the concepts of big and small by given you actions to follow with your body, and then have fun finding big and small versions of things in your house on the list below.

Can you find a big and small version of the following things in your house?

  • a big spoon and a little spoon 

  • a big jar and a little jar

  • a big teddy and a little teddy

  • a big towel and a little towel

  • a big plant and a little plant

  • a big shoe and a little shoe

  • a big Easter egg and a little Easter egg!

  • anything else that you can find - maybe something strange!


If you are feeling very creative you could draw a big and little version of whatever you like. Feel free to take a photo of the picture, or anything big and little that you find and send it to me using my email