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In maths we would have been learning about preposition (where something is), sizes (big and little) and capacity (full and empty). Here are some resources and ideas to help you with these concepts at home. 


Here are some preposition words for your children to learn. They may already know some of them.
on top inside


in front 
next to      underneath


I played a very simple game with the children to learn and remember the preposition words. You will need a plastic cup (preferably a transparent one) and a small toy (it should be able to fit inside the cup).


First, show the children all the different preposition words by demonstrating them yourself with the toy and the cup.


Then, ask the children to put the toy in different places using the preposition words.


If you want to extend their knowledge or think they are able to, ask the children to tell you where to put the small toy and you can 'get it wrong' a few times to see if they are paying attention! 

Here are some preposition colouring sheets if you have access to a printer. 

If you want to extend this idea and have the resources, here is a link for how to play a barrier game. Barrier games are very useful to see if children have developed their listening and understanding skills. Don't forget to keep the instructions very simple.