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Flashback Friday number two

Mrs Smith and Concept cat talk about all the things they can remember about the number 2

Maths Linked Activity


Have your own Flashback Friday at home by doing the following things:

  • Find a group of 2 objects

  • Count them with your counting finger. What was the last number you said?

  • Find 2 small objects and count them onto your 5 frame

  • Find the number 2 around your house. Did you find one? Maybe look on a phone, a clock or in a book!

  • Write the numeral 2 in the air or on a piece of paper. Remember, the numeral 2 is tricky so don't worry if you can't do it yet. 

  • Finally, if you want an extra challenge, you can draw two objects to represent the number two. We drew stars last time, but this time it can be anything you like. 


Have a great weekend!