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Maths number representation

Mrs Smith and Concept cat talk about number representation and recap Zero and One

Maths Linked Activity


In the maths video Mrs Smith and Concept cat were talking about representing numbers. That just means a way of showing what number you have. Mrs Smith said you can write the numeral and Concept cat said you can draw the objects you are counting. Mrs Smith drew 1 cat biscuit and then wrote the numeral 1 next to it. Can you draw 1 cat biscuit? Can you try to write the numeral 1? Take a photo and email it to Mrs Smith!


Ask a grown-up to help you find some coins with the numeral 1 on them. You could look for the word One too. 


In the PDF below there is a sheet with 5 frames on. From now on we use 5 frames quite often. Print them off as you need them. If you cannot print from your house then a drawn 5 frame will be just as good.