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In maths this week we will revisit some numbers and numerals. Numerals are the written number. 

Here is a quick list of easy peasy number games you can do with vegetables and fruit! 


  • Look in your fridge. How many apples do you have? Choose another fruit. How many? How many altogether? 

  • Make a face with fruits. How many did you use? 

  • Next time you eat your dinner why not count how many vegetables there are on your plate? 

  • Cut a banana up and count how many pieces you have. Don't have a banana? Use a carrot instead!

  • If you like oranges you could split all the segments apart. How many did your orange have? Try to have a competition with your family. Who has the most segments in each orange? 


Here are some colouring pages for you to complete if you have a printer. Look carefully at the instructions!

Here is a numeral recognition PowerPoint for you. It may be a little tricky to start with but the more you do it the better at recognising those numbers you will be!