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Mantras and songs

Mantras are simple sayings that we teach children for all different kinds of things. Mindfulness mantras can help children (and adults) remember important things in their everyday lives that might lead to a more peaceful or calm child. 


Here are some Mantras you can all try at home

  • I am thankful for...

This mantra can be said at peaceful times such as meal times or bed time. You can take turns telling each other what you are thankful for. Some examples might be - "I am thankful for my family" "I am thankful for my house" "I am thankful for my new colouring pencils"


  • I am safe when...

This mantra is similar to the last. It will help children remember they are safe and loved. Some examples might be "I am safe when I hug mummy/daddy" "I am safe when I am in my bed" "I am safe when I am at home"


  • Be the pond

Be the pond is a more difficult but important mantra. You might want to explain this mantra to your child and then use it when they are angry and upset. The pond is like your body and the things you feel are like the things inside the pond, maybe angry or upset fish. If you are the pond you are watching the fish but you are not the fish. If you tell your child to watch the fish (the angry or sad emotion) then they can hopefully feel outside of that emotion.