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What does all the jargon mean? 


Please see below the different words and abbreviations that we use in school:

  • SEND - Special Educational Needs and Disability

  • SEN -  Special Educational Needs

  • SENCo - Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, the person in school responsible for managing SEND

  • Outside Agencies - Any professional from an agency or service who provides advice to the school and family.  For example, Educational Psychologist (EP), Speech and Language Team (SALT), Learning Communication and Interaction Team (LCI), Early Years Support Team (EYST)

  • Transitions - A change or transfer from one school or class to another

  • Provision - Any extra help, support or equipment that a child receives

  • Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) - An EHCP is a document provided by the Local Authority which outlines a child's special educational needs and the support that they need.

  • Individual health care plan - This is a document which describes any significant medical conditions that a child may have which requires special medication or adjustments.  The plan outlines the child's needs and what needs to be put in place to support them.  It is then shared with all those staff supporting the child.