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This week we are continuing to learn about Autumn. We are using the story 'Leaf Man' in class.

Please open the home learning activity menu below to help your child continue their learning whilst isolating at home:

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Week beginning 12th October 2020


This week in Maths we are learning about repeating patterns.

Patterns can be made with colours, shapes, noises, actions, natural fact with anything you have around the house.

We are working on simple patterns this week. Here are some examples:

red  blue  red  blue  red  blue  red  blue

clap  stamp  clap  stamp  clap  stamp

no   yes   no   yes   no   yes

apple  orange  apple  orange  apple  orange

fork  spoon  fork  spoon  fork  spoon


Encourage your child to say the pattern out loud to help them notice how the pattern repeats the part that is the same (eg: the 'red blue' part or the 'clap stamp' part) over and over and over again.

Children should be able to notice the pattern, copy patterns, continue a pattern that already shows 3 repeats of the pattern and create their own repeating patterns.

Please use the resource sheets below, alongside items you have at home (building blocks, bricks, toy cars, fruit, cutlery, sticks, leaves) to support your child in learning about repeating patterns.

Don't forget to sing some songs with repeating patterns, such as 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' or 'Clap you hands and Wiggle your Fingers.'


Week beginning 5th October 2020