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Bonjour tout le monde.

We have been learning about The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Here are some website links for you  to use:  Go to the area for children and explore!

La Tour Eiffel action rhyme:

La Tour Eiffel a trois cents mètres
Du haut en bas on voit la Seine

Pour y monter il faut payer

Tous les millions qu'elle a coûté
1 euro, 2 euros, 3 euros...



Here is a link to a game using numbers in French:

Here is a link to a PowerPoint about the words for different colours in French:

Here is a link to a variety of French games:

A link to a poster about parts of the body in French:

Days of the Week in French

Here is a story about 4 friends

Go to this site to practise the French words for fruits and vegetables:


Here is a wonderful French Advent Calendar: