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Useful information

PE is on Tuesdays - Please bring PE kit in a named bag. Make sure all clothing and shoes are named.


Library Day is Friday. Please put the library book in your child's bag on a Thursday so we can sort the books ready for the next day.


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Water bottles - Please send a named water bottle to school each day. There is a tray in the classroom where these can be stored.


Lunches - Packed lunches need to be healthy and packed in a named lunch box. There is a shelf in the cloakroom where these can be stored. The school dinner menu is available to view on the cloakroom notice board and in the classroom. Please help your child to select their lunch on the interactive whiteboard each morning.



Our Christmas craft session

Thank you to everyone who came to our Christmas craft session. The children really enjoyed the different crafts and we hope you took away some inspiration for activities you could do at home.

Christmas Dinner Time

We really enjoyed eating our Christmas dinner. Pulling the crackers was fun too!

We had a fantastic time at our Christmas party. We danced and played lots of party games. We really enjoyed our party food. Thank you for all the donations that were sent in.

At the end of our party we even had a visit from Santa. Our faces showed how excited we were that he was able to come!

We started the Spring Term off with a special week called 'Take one picture.' We have been learning about an artist called Henri Matisse and the techniques he used to create fantastic pieces of art.


He made pictures by collaging. He would cut paper into amazing shapes and then use these shapes to create his images. Some looked like real things while others were abstract. We enjoyed looking at his collages and talking about what we could see in them.


We created the collages in the photos above by ripping the paper into the shapes and sizes we needed. Some of us created an image of something you might recognise and some us made more abstract art.


Later in the week we focused our learning on one of Matisse's most famous collages, The Snail. We couldn't believe that the real work of art is taller than an adult!! We cut out coloured paper to create our own representations of a snail. Please look through our snails in the photos below...

The Snail by Henri Matisse

The Snail by Henri Matisse 1