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Welcome to F2GW!


This term we have Mrs Grout as our class teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs Turner as our class teacher on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Mrs Hook will be our Teaching Assistant every Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays. Ms Parkinson will be in alternate Wednesdays and all day on Thursday and Friday. Miss Bade divides her time across the two Foundation 2 classes. Miss Francis is in full time supporting individual children.


We will have PE on Fridays so please make sure your child has the PE kit (named, please).


Also, please bring in water for your child so that they can have lots of drinks throughout the day, especially now that the weather is warming up!

We will also have milk and fruit available each day.




   In Foundation 2, we are going to be thinking about Growing.


We will be investigating the life cycles of caterpillars, frogs and plants. We are going to have caterpillars in the classroom to watch change into butterflies and frogspawn to watch change into frogs! It's going to be an exciting term!








In our Maths area, we will be measuring and comparing different plants and making symmetrical butterflies as well as continuing to count and recognise numbers to 20 and beyond! We are also starting simple addition and subtraction number problems and learning about capacity.
In Literacy, we will be making our own books based on stories about butterflies, frogs and plants and continue to use our increasing phonic knowledge to write about Growing. The children are all working hard to read and spell 45 sight words that they should hopefully know by the end of this term. Sight words are words that the children should be able to see and read straight away, "I see the word, I say the word".







We are now teaching the children a new phoneme (sound) each day in their 'phonics' sessions. Once the children have learnt a few sounds they will be able to recognise these in their reading book and segment words to read. Please encourage your child to "Look at the letters, make the sound and blend the sounds together".


We would like to run a phonics parents workshop so that we can help you support your child with their reading and give you a better understanding of phonics as we realise that this may be very different to how you learnt to read. We are also now using a new structured programme which has had fantastic results across other schools in Leicester, particularly where there are children who speak different languages.


We also teach the children how to correctly write each grapheme (letter) with a picture to help them remember. 


Please ask a member of staff if there is anything we can help you with.



How to write each letter correctly

Supporting your child with phonics

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