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Still image for this video
Picture 1 There were a few casualties
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Picture 8
Picture 9 We started with plain catapults
Picture 10 But then made them more scary by adding flames!

We finished the Castles topic with a bang by making catapults for Design Technology week. The children learned how to make a basic catapult out of lolly sticks and elastic bands and then attached it to a box chassis, adding wheels. They then proceeded to lay siege to the castle!

Here are some photos from the long awaited Kirby Muxloe Castle trip! The children enjoyed themselves immensely. A big thank you to all the parent helpers, without you we would not have been able to go.

Castle Trip!

The children had their Medieval banquet today! Thank you to everyone who made or bought costumes for this. All the children got the opportunity to dress in 'Medieval' clothes for the banquet. Firstly, we made 'Pottage', a stew made for vegetables and barley. Then we headed to the Great Hall for a feast of Pottage for starter, a cheese course, and honeyed bread for dessert. We even had almond milk for our drink (apparently, almond milk was popular as cow's milk spoiled). The children loved the Medieval food and a great time was had by all. We then did a Medieval dance that we had learned over the past week. The children are all very good at dancing now!

Banquet day!

The children found out that clothes looked a bit different in the middle ages and what the people eat was not that different as long as you grew and cooked it yourself. They were surprised the plates were made from bread or wooden and that the castle was lit by candles and not electric lights like we have today.

We looked at building castles inside, using building techniques to make them strong.

We looked at how to build a castle outside and what kind of materials we would need.

Our big topic of the summer is 'Castles'. We will talk about what a castle is made of? Why we had castles? What kind of people lived in a castle? And many more questions around castle life.



The children also tried a lot of new activities, including painting and drawing still life sunflowers for our Sunflower week. We planted sunflowers for our competition and looked at Vincent Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We started our growing topic by planting lots of seeds. We also re-potted some lovely plants bought from the garden centre. We watched them grow throughout the whole half term!

How Does Your Garden Grow!

On the 20th March Foundation 1 went on our Farm Trip! We went to Gorse Hill City Farm, a great little farm in the heart of the city, full of all kinds of animals for us to see. We arrived at the farm in the lovely sunshine and were taken for our small animal handling session. We got the chance to handle three different kinds of small animals whilst Chloe, our farmer, told us all about the animals. After that, we explored the farm and met all the bigger animals. We fed the goats and the sheep and saw the lambs with their mothers.



Our farm trip!

Year 1 had special visitors for Spring! They received some eggs from a farm and waited patiently for them to hatch! When all the chicks had hatched out of the eggs, we were allowed to look at the chicks and even held them! It was a very special experience.

Chicks in the school!

We have started our space theme by looking at 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh, as part of the 'Take One Picture' whole school project. We spoke about the painting and then explored different media and methods we could use to recreate the painting.

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break. We are all set to discover some interesting things this term. We are thinking about space this half term and have changed the upstairs into a calm space station!

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the Christmas Craft sessions. The children has a great time and made some beautiful decorations, not to mention the fantastic items for the Christmas party. Everyone has lots of fun during the party. Lots of games were played and they enjoyed the food generously provided by yourselves.

A special event has happened in the nursery! The upstairs has been converted into a cosy and calm special place for the children to enjoy gentle exploration of natural objects. Each child has been given a special, delicate light which shows they are a gentle friend.

Dancing with ribbons

Dancing with ribbons 1
Dancing with ribbons 2
Dancing with ribbons 3

The children have been experimenting with ribbons, both in PE and Music. They move to the music, depending on the pulse and tempo, and watch how the ribbons move when they draw patterns in the air.

Welcome to the Nursery page!

Now we have asked permission from everyone, the photographs of all the children who are allowed will now be displayed when we do special events or for the children or when we want to show what the children have been learning.

Picture 1
Hello and welcome to Nursery! My name is Mrs Smith and I will be your new teacher!