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We made the sandwiches and then tried them, just in case! Most children thought Swiss cheese and chocolate cake sandwich was delicious. I am not so sure.

Then we tried some of the food. Some things were delicious and some not so much!

First the children chose two ingredients for the caterpillar's sandwich and designed it using felt and sponge. However, the caterpillar's favourite foods are a little strange!

Picture 1

The Hungry Caterpillar is hungry for sandwiches!

During Design and Technology week the children have been making sandwiches for the hungry caterpillar from his favourite ingredients! Watch out for photos of a delicious selection of sandwiches! From Swiss cheese and cupcake to pickle and lollipop! The combinations are endless! Yum yum!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

In Foundation 1 the staff have been encouraging the children to think about living things, such as plants and flowers, and what they need to grow well. The children have learnt how to plant seeds and are responsible for keeping the seeds watered and warm. We have also been doing a lot of outside planting, the wooden planters are full of summer bulbs and we even have a grow bag which, in time, will produce potatoes! I aim to plant out more things over the coming weeks to make our garden full of life!

Even more growing!

The children prepare the planters for summer bulbs and carefully plant the bulbs so they will look great for summer 2. They also have had a go at growing their own cress.

Welcome back everyone!

This half term Is all about growing. The children will be given the opportunity to plant a variety of seeds and bulbs whilst finding out what plants need to grow and what happens when they don't get these things.

Easter fun!

The children lining up to go to the Easter bonnet parade.
Picture 1

Happy Easter everyone!


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Picture 2
Picture 3
The children were taught that bread was made from wheat flour and that was also found on farms. They were given the opportunity to make bread, look at and feel the many different products made from wheat and use playdough to create their own bread products.

The farm trip!

The trip to the farm helped the children understand what they had been learning about.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The children found out all about eggs and then got to use them in cooking!

The outside role play area is a stable!

Here you can see the outside area has been turned into a stable! Lot's of horse riding is taking place and don't forget to feed those baby animals or check in the hay for eggs!

The Farm

Picture 1
The children have been learning all about the farm! We looked closely at some of the things to be found on the farm, such as farm products and the animals you might see.

Super vets!

The children have been very caring this week. They have been taking it in turns to be a vet, a customer with a sick animal or the hard working receptionist in our vet role play.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


In F1 over the next few weeks we will be turning upstairs into a veterinary practice. Please talk to your children about why animals have to visit the vets and why it is so important to look after animals.

Picture 1
Picture 1

Congratulations everyone for raising so much money for our baking resources!

You helped raise over £80 in total for both buying the childrens' delicious cakes, and buying raffle tickets for Mrs Smith's Red Velvet cakes.

Over the next few weeks we will be buying a large assortment of cooking resources and all the staff are very excited to hear that we will be able to afford an induction hob, which will make cooking in the classroom easier and safer.

I would like to say a big think you to all the support given by the parents , we couldn't have done it without you! 


Picture 1

Happy Valentine's Week!

All this week the Foundation 1 children will be baking in the Valentine bake off to raise money for cooking resources! The cakes will be on sale throughout the week for a very good price. Please give generously for this good cause.


We will also raffle off a tasty Red Velvet cake! 25p a ticket and £1 for five.

The valentine Bake Off raffle prize

Hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate! 1
On the day it snowed the children were very excited to go outside to explore. One of the things they found out is that it gets very cold when it snows! Mrs Smith decided it would be a lovely idea to make hot chocolate for everyone to warm ourselves up. The children were fascinated to watch the chocolate being made and enjoyed the warm hot chocolate. Yummy!

Our new outdoor roleplay! The woods!

Our new outdoor roleplay! The woods! 1
Our new outdoor roleplay! The woods! 2
We have closed the café due to bad weather but the children are very hardy and are now going to camp in the woods! But don't worry, they have lots of wood for a fire and some insects if they get really hungry!


Matisse! 1
Every year the school takes a closer look at a piece of fine art. This year F1 are looking at Matisse's Snail. We have learnt what an artist is and what they can use to make their art. The children know that Matisse used scissors to draw! We made a big snail with paper, scissors and glue and the children have worked on their own 'drawings' as well.

Welcome back after Christmas!

Welcome to spring one. We have all had a lovely break and feel refreshed and ready to learn lots more! This half of the term we will be investigating winter and going into space! Don't forget about Chinese New Year in week 4 though!

What are we learning?

Some of our curriculum aims this half term are:

To make relationships with our friends by initiating conversations

To listen to one another in small groups

To use tripod grip when holding a pencil or paint brush

To hear the beginning sounds in words

To know how to count in order to ten

To talk about special time in our lives

To build a story around the toys we play with

These are just some of the outcome we hope to achieve. For more information please look at the termly overviews.

Welcome to F1 S!


Mrs Smith!

Mrs Smith! 1

Hello everyone! My name is Carla Smith and I am the Nursery teacher here at Fosse Primary school!

I will update this page as often as possible to let you all know about the exciting things we do in the Nursery here at Fosse Primary.