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With a new half term comes a new topic and this time it is Minibeasts! We have also had the great fortune for this topic to fall in our Fosse School Science Week and so we start our topic examining the minibeasts like real scientists (with lab coats AND goggles!) the children can be seen looking closely at the beasts with magnifying glasses and even making studies of them to draw how many legs, wings eyes, and whatever else a minibeast might have!  

Welcome to summer 2

Carrying on with 'No Outsiders In This School' topic comes the book Blue Chameleon. It's message is a simple one. Don't change yourself to make people like you because you are great just the way you are. The children talked about how the sad chameleon tried so hard to make friends by changing and trying to be something he isn't but in the end he made a friend just by being who he was. A colourful chameleon! We also talked about playing with people who are different because they might be fun, no matter how different they seem from you. Here you can see the children drawing the different objects and animals in the book, trying to be like them (which was very hard and sometimes uncomfortable) and drawing chameleons (and people) saying 'Hi' and 'Hello' to each other.

The children are also busy counting and sorting fruit and colourful bottle tops.

Here are the children painting a still life picture of a bowl of fruit. They were encouraged to look at the colour of the fruit, what type of fruit and the shape. The children did remarkably well and achieved very good representations of a fruit bowl.

The last part of the topic is fruit and vegetables, a week of each. We will be using the 'Oliver' series of books to teach the children all about healthy plates and the vocabulary of all the amazing fruits and vegetables in the world. We will be tasting, printing, painting a still life, and many more exciting activities all to do with fruit and vegetables.

The children have also been doing some problem solving and construction work to show how tall they can 'grow' a bean.

Growing beans.

Growing beans. 1
The children put bean seeds into a se through plastic cup so we can watch the roots and the stems grow.

Eating bean casserole.

Eating bean casserole. 1

Jack and the beanstalk role play and small world.

The next part of our topic is all about beans. We have looked at the story of Jack and the beanstalk, talking about the characters, settings and the sequence of the story. The children have had the opportunity to role play being Jack and the giant in the role play giant's castle and we have made bean casserole and planted some beans. We are watching the beans grow in a transparent cup so we can see the roots and the stems as they grow.

We are cooking pasta with tomato and herb sauce with fresh herbs. The children got the opportunity to smell the herbs and then eat the pasta and sauce.

The children are in the garden centre buying flowers and seeds or mowing the lawn!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Here, some children have decided to paint sunflowers after looking at Vincent Van Gogh's painting of sunflowers in a vase. Other's have decided to create a sunflower using yellow petals and brown buttons for the middle.

Above, the children plant their own sunflower seeds and take turns to look after them by giving them water.

Now it is getting warmer (supposedly) we are moving on to our next topic: Growing. The children will be learning how to plant and look after seeds by planting their own. They will find out about what makes plants grow as they care for their sunflowers and vegetables. Paint sunflowers like Vincent Van Gogh and name and grow a variety of fruit and vegetables.

Our next topic is


Easter is fast approaching and here are some dates for your diary, if you have missed them in the cloakroom or in the letters that have been handed out.

Thursday 22nd March is Easter bonnet making and will happen at two times during the day:

AM - 10:40 - 11:40

PM -  2:15 - 3:15


The Easter bonnet parade is on Friday 23rd March at 2:30pm and will most likely be on the big playground. Morning session children and their parents are quite welcome and can come to reception a few minutes before to be shown where to go.


Friday will be the last day of school for two weeks. The first day back will be Monday 9th April


Happy Easter everyone!


Picture 1 "I like candy" Betty + Mia both have a sweet tooth
Picture 2 Jasmine and Jibreel liked different things
Picture 3 I like diggers for both of these friends!
Picture 4 Maya and safiya like different things
Picture 5 Layton likes dogs but is still friends with Kaiesh
Picture 6 Alan liked writing the sight words!
To teach the children about diversity and respect for each other, we held a No Outsiders in Our School day. The children got to listen to a story about two friends who were very different. In fact the only thing they had in common was that they liked each other! We spoke to the children about it being ok to be different and it shouldn't stop us from being friends and treating people nicely. The children then spoke to their talk partner friend about what they liked, to see if it was different. Some friends liked the same things and some liked completely different things! Some children chose to do a piece of writing, using the sight words 'I like', to show everyone what they liked and if it was different to their friends. Everyone agreed that it was better to be friends, even if you have different likes and dislikes. The theme No Outsiders in Our School runs very deep within Fosse, with all year groups learning about diversity within our community. Each year group will do a different story with themes that teach us to embrace differences and to leave no child on the outside.

No Outsiders!

Picture 1
Picture 2

The children helped make Jamaican dumplings for International Food Day. We mixed the ingredients together and rolled the dumplings into a ball. Then Mrs Smith fried the dumplings in oil and set them on a plate to drain. The dumplings were such a big hit at the food event that they were eaten straight away!

The children then learnt a little about Jamaica, where it is, what size it is, what Jamaica produces and what the island looks like. The children coloured in Jamaican flags, drew pictures of the dumplings and talked about the island.

Community Week and International Food Day

March continues to be a very busy month for F1 with our 'farm trip'. The children learned all about the farm animals in the classroom the week before and then got the opportunity to visit a working farm right here in the city. The farmer told the children all about the animals and we even got to stroke them. Then we explored the farm, feeding the animals, looking around the fields and getting a little bit of a play on the playground before an exciting coach ride back to school.

Our Farm Topic

The photos of World book day have finally arrived! The children were shocked and excited to discover that a rotten robber had come into the school the night before and pinched all the books! F1 got straight to work, investigating the evidence. We had plenty of suspects, but who had done this terrible crime? The children set to work, donning their lab coats and police officer uniforms to do a thorough investigation. They hunted high and low for finger prints, foot prints, and all sorts of weird and wonderful clues that eventually led to the culprits being caught. Unsurprisingly for some, it was those sneaky year 5 teachers, who had tricked us all into having a brilliant World Book Day by giving us the opportunity to be the best detectives ever!

Don't forget that World Book Day is coming up! Watch this space for more info!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
In other parts of the classroom, a lot of construction, investigation and art about transport have all been going on.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The role play area has been turned into a garage and appointments are already flooding in for the F1 broken down cars.

Picture 1

Our next topic is going to be Transport! The children have already got stuck into it by listing all the different types of transport they know.


Next week, our final topic before the half term holiday will be Chinese New Year, a colourful festival which actually starts during the holidays. Watch out for dragons and dogs!

As the windy weather gave way to rain, the children and Mrs Smith were not deterred! We donned our wellies and pushed up our umbrellas for some drippy, splashing fun in the big puddles!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Although, sadly, it had stopped snowing at this point, the weather did not stop us from making 'snowballs'! A yummy cake made with white chocolate and coconut. The children got to watch the chocolate melt and sprinkle coconut 'snow' over the chocolaty treats.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Some children decided to explore numerals in the environment, in books and even have a go at writing them!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Some children decided to continue exploring the Kandinsky picture 'A Winter Landscape'.

Our next science experiment was finding out if it was windy outside. We made 'wind testers' out of tissue paper and art straws. The wind made the tissue paper move as it blew through the playground. It was very windy that day!

It's a science kind of a term!

Mrs Smith did a silly thing and left the animals outside over night. When the children came to nursery they found the animals stuck in ice! We talked about how to free the animals and the children came up with some great ideas! We put the ideas to the test whilst we were at P.E and found that hot water was the best way to melt ice!

The children made snowflakes out of shapes after looking at a photo of a snowflake close up. They decided that triangles, diamonds and hexagons were the best shapes to use.

Our topic this term is weather and so the children have been busy investigating different kinds of weather. We have been making snowflakes out of shapes, talking about storms and making 'wind testers' for those particularly blowy days we have had recently. The children especially enjoyed an experiment to get the animals out of ice!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 1

We have been looking at the artist Kandinsky and his painting called 'A Winter Landscape'. The children could tell us a lot about the picture, such as "it looks like it's snowing", "It is cold in the picture" "There is a house with no door". The children have been reproducing the painting using tissue paper and black paint and painted their own with the same colours.

It's a short half term this time but the nursery children are already throwing themselves into learning!

This half term we will be learning all about the weather, especially in the winter, and look forward to discovering exciting new things.

Happy New Year!

The Christmas parties were enjoyed by all! The Big Man himself came to wish all the children a merry Christmas and, thanks to all the generous parents, the children had a delicious feast to eat and lots of dancing fun.

Christmas craft day was enjoyed by a lot of the parents. Thank you to everyone who participated and brought in craft items, they made the party hats look fantastic!

A few important dates for your diaries during the Christmas period:

Friday 8th December - Christmas craft session for the parents. Morning session - 10am. Afternoon session 1:40pm. Please feel free to bring in bits to decorate with.  


Friday 15th December - Christmas sing a long in the hall - 2pm arrival for a 2:15 start. There will be a raffle and a few stalls for parents to browse to raise money for Foundation outdoor equipment. We would love the morning children to attend although we understand if you can't come back to school.


Tuesday 19th December - Children's Christmas parties. Children from both sessions will be having a party on this day and we are asking parents for a voluntary donation of shop-bought food (we have some allergies). The food slips will be given out in class in the next week or so.


School finishes at the regular time on Wednesday 20th December.

The children are now busy making their Christmas decorations for the big school tree and soon we will be thinking about other Christmassy treats.

Is it Christmas already?

Picture 1
Picture 2
We made hot chocolate on a cold day. It was a nice treat and it warmed everyone up after playing outside.

The children made hedgehogs and owls out of playdough and clay. They visited the 'bat cave' in the roleplay area and searched for nocturnal animals in the dark.

It is that special time of year when the nights are longer and the weather is cold but the children in the Nursery are still hard at play, learning all about nocturnal animals and night time routines.

So don't forget!

Friday 17th November

Wear spots for a small donation

Bring in pennies for Pennies for Pudsey

Buy our class made spotty cakes to raise money for this brilliant cause!

Picture 1
Picture 2

We have been baking for Pudsey today! All the children have taken part in making delicious cakes for the cake sale on Friday. Now all we need to do is decorate them in wonderful spots!

We have been busy already this week, getting ready for Friday's Children In Need! There have been Pudsey Bears everywhere!

Picture 1

Don't forget it is Odd Sock Day on Monday to raise awareness of Anti Bullying Week!

Later on in the week we will be raising money for Children in Need by baking spotty cakes. They will be on sale in F1 on Friday. KS1 and 2 will also be selling cakes at home time on Friday. Let's raise some money for Pudsey!


We have also been doing some lovely fire work pictures for all the parents to see in the class room.

Next were some spooky activities for Halloween! The children got to explore different textures with the green jelly and the pumpkins, made shadows with the torches and melted chocolate to make delicious chocolate apples.

Picture 1

The children made delicious coconut ladoos for Diwali. This was the first cooking experience for the children and they loved it! Cooking is great for confidence and independence but also teaches the children a lot of the mathematical language they will need, such as heavy, more, weight, time etc.

It has been a term full of celebrations and festivals!

Thank you to everyone who gave permission for their children to appear on the website. Now we will be able to post photos of all the exciting things the children are learning!

Picture 1

Here are some of the statements we will be working on this term.

We will be covering the curriculum using the Development Matters document.

Picture 1

My name is Mrs Smith and I am the class teacher in the Nursery. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to ask me or the Nursery Nurse Mrs Bennett, for help. 

Welcome to Foundation 1