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Reading interventions at Fosse


Better Reading and Writing Partnerships (BRWP)

BRWP is a specialist 1-1 reading intervention designed to target both phonics knowledge development and comprehension strategies. Those who deliver this intervention have received specialist training.



Lexia is a computer based reading software programme which works by monitoring the individual performance of children and adapts automatically to their learning needs. The feedback provided by the programme is easy to interpret and weekly reports of the progress and areas to work on can be printed. The programme can also provide plans which are tailored to groups or individual needs based on identified gaps in their learning. The intervention covers a wide range of reading aspects including: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Finding the right starting point for the children in the programme is achieved through a 15 minute assessment task that the children complete independently. From this assessment the needs of the child are identified and then the software chooses the correct starting point by automatically generating lesson plans and practice worksheets. These worksheets can be printed and given to the children as homework to complete or as part of an independent reading activity within the school day. Lexia is also accessible at home as it is a web-based programme, meaning that children can continue their learning on a computer, iPad, tablet or Android device. The Lexia software has been installed onto all computers, laptops and iPads within school.



Inference is when background knowledge is used to make connections with the text being read. The reader identifies and links important parts together, thinking like a detective. We have purchased the inference training package from Leicester City Council. The aim of the intervention is to develop the inferential skills of readers in order to increase their comprehension of the text.  When delivering the session, it is vital that there is explicit modelling of the mental tools and strategies used to identify meaning of texts. This is delivered through conversations therefore also increasing the speaking and listening skills of the children in the group. The package itself contains 20 lesson plans with accompanying resources (45 text extracts). The children must be able to decode what they are reading. Those children who are on the SEND register or EAL particularly benefit from this intervention.


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated reader, or Star Reader as it is known, is a computer based programme used exclusively for Years 5 and 6. Within this programme, children read books and then take quizzes on them. They are not allowed to move up levels in their reading unless their comprehension skills are accurate. Each child has their own log-in and teachers are able to track progress to ensure that children are reading accurately and comprehending adequately.


KTC Early Words

For some children, learning to read using phonics doesn’t work. In this case, Early Words intervention may be of benefit. It is a 1-1 programme which can be delivered by a Teacher or Teaching Assistant and involves teaching children to read the sight words in order. Each lesson is short and pacey and involves assessments of previous taught sight words, teaching of a new word, games and then an opportunity to apply new learning. There are homework sheets which must be completed and the programme itself is intensive.