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At Fosse primary Nursery we will expect the children to be very respectful to each other and to our school property. This involves the skills of:

Being gentle and careful with toys and resources

Being kind to others, with words and bodies

Listening to each other and adults

Helping each other and adults


The children will have lots of opportunities to learn these skills at school but it is best if they are taught at home as well. As it is extremely important for the children to have a good level of oracy we recommend talking with your child at every opportunity, especially over a book! 


Helping your child at home

At Fosse Primary Nursery we will encourage the children to be as independent as possible to ensure they feel confident in their new surroundings. You can help at home by encouraging your child to:

  • Treat home objects and furniture with respect
  • Put home resources away in the correct place
  • Sit at a table when having a snack
  • Talk in full sentences
  • Go to the toilet themselves
  • Wash and dry their hands