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Thursday 19th & Friday 20th November 2020 - To write a diary.

Good morning Year 3! After spending the last two days planning your diary, you are now going to spend the next two days writing your diary entry. You are going to use your plan to help you write your actual diary in neat (best writing). Above, you will find an example for you to have a look at. The example only includes the first paragraph of the diary, but this should allow you to see some of the features you need to include within your diary entry. 


Do not rush this! Take your time as you have two days writing this. You will be editing and improving your work as you go along. To write a successful diary you must include all the steps to success. 


Steps to success: Checklist

I can write in first person (I, me, my)

I can write in past tense (ed words)  
I can use expanded noun phrases   
I can use prepositions  
I can use time adverbials  
I can write about my thoughts and feelings  


When you have completed your diary entry, send a copy through email or you can bring it into school on Monday. Enjoy writing your diary laugh

Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th November 2020 - L.O. To plan a diary entry.

Good morning Year 3. So, for the next two days we will be planning a diary. There is a planning sheet you can find below which will guide you. Remember this is just a plan so you can write in bullet points. If you want to challenge yourself, you can write in full sentences.


Firstly, I want you to think about the words ‘unseen, ignored and overlooked’.

What do you think these words mean? How would you feel if you were unseen, ignored and overlooked? Is that a positive feeling or negative feeling? - If you have forgotten what the book was about, click this link and remind yourself! Alternatively, if that link doesn't work, click onto this Youtube link: 


Your task: You are going to plan a diary entry from the point of view of George when he started to see the dragons. I want you to imagine as if you are George. Nobody can see these dragons but you!

What mischief have the dragons caused? Who is getting the blame for it? How are you feeling? What are you thinking?


The diary must include:

  • First person
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Thoughts and feeling
  • What the dragons are doing and how is that making you feel?

Monday 16th November 2020 - L.O. To use similes.

Still image for this video

Friday 13th November 2020 - L.O. To recap reading strategies.

Good morning Year 3. Today in English we are going to focus on our reading strategies that we have been learning this year. I want you to think about the two types of reading strategies and list them all. You can draw a table like this and list all the reading strategies. 


Decoding strategies Comprehension strategies
Look at the letter... Re-read...
X c... Read the sentence before...


Once you have completed your reading strategies, match your strategies with the answer sheet. Do it again and again and again - then send a picture through PurpleMash email. 

Thursday 12th November 2020 - L.O. To edit and improve a diary entry.

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Wednesday 11th November 2020 - L.O. To identify features of a diary entry.

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Tuesday 10th November 2020 - L.O. To use prepositions.

For this activity, choose the appropriate level for you. You will write a sentence for each picture and it needs to include a preposition.


You must also include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have looked at many different literature techniques and I would like you to include expanded noun phrases for each sentence.