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Art and Design

You can do a lot of things with recycled items found in your home. Below is a fun treasure hunt! The treasure you are looking for is recyclable materials! Find the materials and then make a collage (where you use glue to stick them onto card or paper). When you have finished your collage you can take a photo of it and send the photo to me!

Here are some colouring pages for you to print. 


Try the recipe below to use up your leftover vegetable to make a delicious burger. You can recycle food as well as rubbish! Let me know how it tastes or, even better, send me a photo of your finished burger!

If you fancy something more sweet then check out this banana loaf recipe. I always have a banana or two that goes brown. Don't throw them away! Make banana loaf!


This is a lovely song that teaches our children about recycling in a very simple but effective way. Sing it every day and maybe it will be your child's new favourite song! They can save the planet and make music at the same time.