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Art and Design


Before we broke up from school we talked to the children about what animals provided us with that we could use in everyday life. We spoke about sheep giving us wool and were planning on doing the following activities with wool. 


Sheep pictures

If you have glue at home you could make some sheep using spare knitting wool or cotton wool balls

They may look something like this!


Simple weaving with wool can look very effective but takes time and practise! Extend your child's patience and perseverance with a simple weaving activity. This activity needs wool and a piece of cardboard. Wrap the wool around the cardboard in horizontal lines (sometimes it is better to cut into the cardboard a little to make sure the lines of wool stay in place) and then the children can weave the wool in and out of the wool lines. 


In week two of our topic Farms, we were going to look at animal houses. Here are some key words the children might need. You could look at photos of these words on the internet. 


barn stable pig sty
chicken coop hutch           cow shed    


Design a house

You and your child could design an animal house and make it out of a cardboard box. Talk about the features it might need, such as windows, doors, a food and water station. You could decorate the box with paper and glue or paint and felt tip pens. It might look like this:

Food Technology

Watch this PowerPoint with your child to understand where our food might come from.

You could also explore some of the different foods we get from farms, such as flour, vegetables, fruit and eggs by making something made out of these foods. Here are some recipes that will help. 


Try this PowerPoint on how to make bread from the Little Red Hen
Or this tasty vegetable soup!

Music and Movement

Songs are always a great way to learn about any topic. Try singing a selection of these songs with your child and talk about them afterwards. Do they remember the names of the farm objects and animals? Do they remember the noises the animals make? What else can they tell you about the song?