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A Child's Well-being / Child Protection

The Well-being of Children


At Fosse we have a Mentor, Miss Mel Lockton, who works in school Monday to Thursday.

She is able to support children with any emotional, social, behavioural or mental health issues.

Part of this role is to lead the Nurture Group Provision.


We also have a Family Support Worker, Mrs Edwina Osbourne, who is in school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to support children and their families.


Please contact your child’s class teacher, the SENCO, or the Head-teacher if you feel your family or your child would benefit from their support.


Safeguarding/Child Protection


Fosse Primary takes the safeguarding of children’s welfare extremely seriously. We have 3 Designated Senior Persons or DSPs and these are:


Richard Stone -  Headteacher

Emma Tuffey – Deputy headteacher

Mel Lockton - Mentor


Safeguarding matters including concerns can be discussed with any of the above.


Schools have an important part to play in safeguarding all children.

Safeguarding within the school includes a range of issues including health and safety, risk assessments, managing medicines, behaviour management, e­safety and lots more.

The school follows full guidance on safe recruitment and selection of new staff and ensures that all staff and regular visitors to school have a full Criminal Records Bureau check before coming into school, this information is held securely in accordance with data protection procedures.


Fosse Primary School follows all Local Authority and Leicester Safeguarding Children’s Board guidelines for Child Protection. Where it appears that a child may be at risk of significant harm, there are highly skilled, qualified and competent staff working to protect our children. A ‘Cause for concern’ may be as a result of any of the following: physical abuse, domestic violence, neglect, emotional abuse or sexual abuse.


There may be times when sensitive and challenging conversations have to take place to clarify some concernsÍž these will be treated with the highest regard to confidentiality. We work closely with other agencies to ensure all children are safe. It is therefore very important that parents/carers keep the school informed of any changes at home e.g. incidents of domestic violence, accident/s at home which may have left marks which might worry us. The school may contact parents/carers if children arrive at school with unexplained marks on their body. The school will let parents/carers know if there is any accident at school .


Additional Information


We are able to administer medicines that have been prescribed to a child. Please see the office if this is the case.


Care Plans are written to meet the health care needs of those children requiring them.


We are proud to retain the Healthy Schools award and we promote a healthy lifestyle.


Breakfast club and after school clubs are also available.