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Welcome to 5/6 W



Year 6


Don't forget to learn your script for our 'School Daze' production.....coming to a stage near you very soon......

Plus, the songs.....sing in the bath, the shower, the car, on the way to school, in the swimming pool (actually, perhaps not in the swimming pool)....let's get those songs to perfection.


Year 5


Don't forget, you're helping with those songs......sing....sing...sing....





The Vikings

We're currently studying the Vikings. There's lots to find out about the people who used to live where we do now!

Up in York, there's the fantastic Jorvik Centre, built on the very site that the Vikings were living over 1200 years ago. York then was known as Jorvik. Perhaps you could plan a trip there during the summer holidays and you too could experience the sounds (and smells) of Viking York?



The Vikings have been!


Edale Trip 19-20th May 2015


Have a look at these photos. Some lucky Y6 children spent a couple of days up in the Peak District. We had great fun abseiling and weaselling. See if you can work out what weaselling is!

Edale 19th-20th May 2015

Edale 19th-20th May 2015 1 A tight squeeze through
Edale 19th-20th May 2015 2 Success!
Edale 19th-20th May 2015 3 Aren't we the brave ones!
Edale 19th-20th May 2015 4 It's a long way down
Edale 19th-20th May 2015 5 We made it!

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