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Updated 24/5/16

Joke of the Week


Q: What do you call a cow who comes and eats your grass?



A: A lawn moo-er!



Fact of the Week


The oldest chewing gum ever found is 5000 years old!  



Please remember that Monday is swimming day and so all children need swimming kits, towels and goggles if required.  Thursday is our other PE day which requires the children to have their normal PE kits.

Times Tables

Please make sure that your child practices their times tables at home!  We need them to fill out a times table race sheet and get it into school as soon as possible to win some extra golden time!  By the end of Year 4, all children must know their times table and division facts up to 12x.  This is a great website for various tables table related games to make learning fun:


This is a slightly less fun site, but good for sharpening those times table skills nonetheless:

Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day to all the mums, grandmothers and aunties out there!  To celebrate this day, 3M created cards using a quilling technique.  This involves rolling up small strips of cards to create a 3D 'popping' effect.




Traditional poetry- Coming Soon



Our narrative English topic revolves around Myths and Legends.  These are traditional stories that involve fantastical elements like gods and monsters (e.g. Theseus and The Minotaur) or have some grounding in a real story (e.g. Robin Hood).  To boost our descriptive vocabulary, 3M used expanded noun phrases to describe some mythical monsters:




See 'Take One Picture' section below.




In English our topic at the moment is newspaper recounts.  We are planning to create our own newspaper articles based on the recent bronze age discoveries in Peterborough  (  The first step was to get out a selection of newspapers and understand the features of a newspaper article.


Take One Picture


In January every class at Fosse dedicated a whole theme week to one painting, 'The Umbrellas' by Renoir.  In Year 3 we created umbrellas from the cake cups (the small paper bits that your cupcakes sit on) and wrote about a day in the life of one of the characters in the painting. 



This is a photo of our Year 3 display in the hall.  We think it's the best but we may be a little biased!


3B are looking at calculation strategies at the moment, starting with addition and subtraction.  This is a photo showing the appropriate written method for expanded subtraction:



As per the 2014 National Curriculum, the language we need to use for our calculations is very precise, so we have been learning to tell the difference between our augend and our minuend:



Maths Games

Problem solving is a crucial part of the new national curriculum for mathematics.  In 3M we use games and challenges to practise our fluency and reasoning skills in groups and individually.  


The NRICH website is a great place to find reasoning challenges at home:



Mental addition using tiddlywinks


To finish off our Stone Age topic, Years 3 and 4 used water colours to create a Stonehenge silhouette.  This simple effect makes both the foreground and the background of the picture stand out.

Ukelele Lessons


Since the start of term, both Year 3 classes have been enjoying ukelele lessons with our instructor, Fez.